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Getting Started with Online Training in Microsoft Office

Thank you for choosing Coquitlam Continuing Education for your Microsoft training.  We will be using the Jasperactive platform for interactive training.  For a complete list of the Technical Requirements, click here.  Please follow the next steps to get set up with the software.

Activating a new account

  1. Click here or click on the link below to access Jasperactive, our online Microsoft Office training site.
  2. Enter the activation code under “New User”, then click on “Activate”
  3. You can then login using your own login accounts or click skip to move onto the next step.
  4. Complete the information on the profile page.  Please type in Coquitlam Continuing Education under the "Company/School Name" field.
  5. Please read the Jasperactive End-User License Agreement carefully, then click "Accept".
  6. You should then see the Activation information screen showing the available courses.  Click "Confirm" to activate.  You're personal Jasperactive home page will then appear and your account has been successfully created.

Installing the Jasperactive Application

The current version of the Jasperactive application must be installed on your system before you can begin your class. 
  1. Once logged in to your Jasperactive account at Jasperactive will display an "Install Jasperactive" alert where you click "Agree and download now" or you will need to click the J-icon  at the top of the page to open the software installer.
  2. In the "Complete Version" column, click the "Download" link and follow the installation instructions.
  3. You are now ready to begin your training.

If you would like more information and helpful getting started videos please watch the following:

Introduction to Getting Started in Jasperactive as a Student


Installing Jasperactive on your computer


Jasperactive Learning Methodology


The Jasperactive Course Benchmark


Jasperactive Instructional Learning