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Summer Learning About / FAQs


Why are the Skill Building & Academic Completion ("Remedial") courses only 3 weeks for half days?

The Ministry of Education provides course-by-course funding for these non-credit courses for 40 hours. We find that the vast majority of students and parents prefer half days so we run these courses over 3 weeks for 14 half days (42 hours). We intentionally start these courses the second week of July so that families can have a break after the school year ends, as well as during the first week of July we can clean the schools and classrooms and get things ready for Summer Learning. Please note that the Ministry policy is that students in Grades 1 through 7 can only take one summer course.

Do I put my elementary or middle school child in a class at the grade level they're going into in September, or at the grade level they're finishing?

There are two options. First, the student will reinforce and build skills by enrolling in the class at the grade level they’ve just finished. e.g., a student who is completing Grade 4 would register in Reading & Writing 4. Second, putting the child into the grade level class (i.e., the grade they’ll be going into in September) is a “preview” of the next grade course. When in doubt we would recommend that parents consult their child's classroom teacher as this individual will be able to recommend the most appropriate program to meet your child's needs.

What is the maximum number of summer courses I can take?
Students who will be in Grade 8 and higher as of July 1st can take a maximum of two courses. Students in Grades 1-7 can only take one course.

What do I need to know about my child's attendance?
Summer students are expected to attend each and every day of their course. Summer Learning courses are designed with student learning and student success in mind. However, absences will significantly diminish the value of the course to your child, not to mention putting added stress on your child in feeling unconnected to their classroom community and catching up on missed work. Most of our courses are fully enrolled, leaving many students unable to take courses. A student who enrolls but is consistently absent is taking the place of a student who potentially would have fully participated in the course.
Students who miss the first week of classes will not be able to continue in their summer course(s). There are two reasons for this: 1) This is not in the learning interests of the student. In addition to the stress associated with starting late, it may not be possible for the student to catch up on missed assignments. 2) The Ministry of Education will not fund students who miss the entire first week of class. Therefore students will not be able continue in the course with "tuition-free" status. Please do not register your child unless you are committed to daily attendance in their course(s).

How is my child who has special education needs supported?
Please visit our webpage about Student Support.

Why are International students only able to take Grade 1 to 8 classes?
The school district's International Education summer program offers a variety of courses for secondary aged students.  Visit their website for more information. 

Can I upgrade my mark taking a Fast Track course?

Yes.  A final mark earned in a Fast Track course will, if higher than a mark already earned in the same course, replace the original mark 

What do I do if I register in a Fast Track class (online/blended) but do not have an adequate computer?
All students are required to provide their own computer.

What is the maximum number of summer Advanced Credit and/or Fast Track courses I can take?
Students can take a maximum of two courses.  Students cannot sign up for two morning classes or two afternoon classes;  one morning class and one afternoon class is permissible. Fast Track courses occur over an intense six-week period, it is not feasible to successfully take more than two.

What is a 'profile' and why do I need one?
A profile is an account or a record that contains required demographic information. Ministry requirements dictate we maintain certain records for each student. In order to register for a course with us, your account needs to be current and accurate.

Why did we change the name of Remedial courses to Academic Completion?
The new term, "Academic Completion", better captures the purpose of these courses.  Click here for more details.

Can Adult (non-grad) students (over 19) take Summer Learning courses?

Adults can only take 'Fast Track' (Online-Blended) courses.
Can graduated students take Summer Learning courses?
Graduated students of any age can only take 'Fast Track' Courses.