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Individual Education Plan

SD43 Summer Learning 2019 will include some supports for students who have an Individual Education Plan (Category A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H), having significant learning needs (i.e., disabilities of an intellectual, physical, sensory, emotional, or behavioural nature). Please check your child's current IEP to see what category your child has. Students with Category K, Q, R, or P IEP's are not supported as described below:

Support for students in Categories A through H will include:

  • a written Summer Learning Plan, based on a student’s Individual Education Plan from their home school, implemented by summer school teachers
  • in-class accommodations, as needed
  • on-site resource teacher support, as needed
  • See deadline dates below
and may include:
  • Educational Assistant staffing, assigned to the summer school site, to provide limited support to students on the basis of health, safety, and personal care needs only. Not all students with IEPs and currently being supported by EA's will receive EA support in Summer Learning. EA staffing is alloted to summer schools in accordance with SD43 procedures. See deadline dates below
Due to the nature of summer learning programs and available resources, the above supports will not necessarily reflect the supports provided at the student’s home school during the regular school year.

Register your child(ren) by the deadline dates below
April/May:  Summer Learning department requests copy of the student's IEP from the home school, to learn about student's strengths, needs, and areas of support.  Summer Learning staff write Summer Learning Plan for student.
Late May:  School district determines amount/type of EA support, if needed
Late May/Early June:  Summer Learning staff will contact the parent by phone or email to discuss any questions the parent may have and share copy of the Summer Learning Plan

Registration Deadlines

Students in categories A through H and currently receiving additional support from an Education Assistant at their home school must have registered by

• Elementary and Middle: Friday May 10, 2019.

• Secondary: Friday May 17, 2019.

Please note that students enrolled in Online Fast Track courses are Distributed Learning students and will not be eligible for additional support.

ONLINE Registration opens in late April, check website for updates.
Registration for courses is done online.


Children who are not Coquitlam School District students who register for SD43 2019 Summer Learning will be enrolled based on available space. The parents of a non-SD43 student with an IEP (Category A through H) must submit a copy of the IEP by mail by Friday May 10, 2019 to:

Summer Learning 2019

Attn: M. Peters, Principal
380 Montgomery Street,
Coquitlam BC, V3K 5G2

Students who are designated in Category Q (Learning Disabilities), Category K (Mild Intellectual Disabilities), Category P (Gifted) or Category R (Students Requiring Behaviour Support or Students with Mental Illness) are not provided with EA support or a formal Summer Learning Plan.  The parent is encouraged to share the child's IEP with the Summer teacher early on in the course to discuss what accommodations are feasible and needed in the summer course.

SD43 Summer Learning 2019 will provide support to identified English Language Learners. Teachers will provide support through in-class accommodations based on consultation with an on-site ELL specialist teacher. Pull-out services will not be available.

Please note that parents do not enter their child's Special Education information when creating an account or registering; necessary information is accessed by Summer Learning through the school district on your behalf. SD43 Summer Learning personnel will follow up with home schools and parents as planning ensues. This will include ensuring that the selected Summer Learning course aligns with a student's specific abilities.