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COVID-19 Protocols at our sites:  All staff, students and visitors are no longer required to wear a mask.
Please click here for contact info and hours.

Foundations English Language Assessment & Registration:  
(or students who took a course with us more than a year ago)
Foundations Assessment & Registration is at Montgomery Centre
We book assessments in advance.  No Walk-ins.  Please click here for more information.

Business, Careers & Job Skills:   
We offer both Face-to-Face and online classes for most of our courses to provide the greatest flexibility and safety for our students.  Students can attend in-person or online via Microsoft Teams (unless it is required by the instructor for the students to attend in-person for a particular portion of the course, such as evaluation).  Class sizes are capped at 12 students to ensure students can maintain social distance.  Students choosing to learn remotely are required to provide their own computing device, related software, and tech support.  Please e-mail the BCJS office for more information.