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Foundations Teachers Information Page

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Attendance:  Introduction & Entering Attendance documentation.

Student Withdrawals:  If a student is withdrawing from your class, please enter a Final Grade and comment in your gradebook.  The comment should read, "Student withdrew from class on " or something similar and please include the reason for the withdrawal.  Please note:  Your comment will be visible to the student.
Once you have entered the final grade, staff will process the withdrawal/completion within a week.  Students with NO attendance in a class with be from the class (removed from attendance screen and gradebook). Student WITH attendance in a class will be withdrawn (removed from attendance screen but visible in gradebook).  

Entering Grades:  Please click Literacy Foundations to view instructions on how to enter student grades into LUMENS.
Click here for Reporting/Grade Scales - Foundations, LINC, HSC, HSC DL and BCJS


If you have having issues accessing (username/password challenges) LUMENS, please contact Kristine Mathiasen at 604.936.4261 or
If you have questions about how to enter attendance information for Foundations/HSC - please contact Debbie Torgunrud at 604.936.4261 or

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For an overview of Microsoft Teams and Office 365, please click here.
Click here to visit the CCE Microsoft Teams Training Page in LUMENS.
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Provided to students upon registration:
Office 365 (including Teams) and LUMENS information provided to Foundations students.