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Information page for HSC F2F Teachers


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Introduction & Entering Attendance documentation.
UPDATE Note: Re: HSC and Foundations F2F classes:  Cancellation/Withdrawal:  Students with NO attendance in a class with be from the class (removed from attendance screen and gradebook). Student WITH attendance in a class will be withdrawn (removed from attendance screen but visible in gradebook).  

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High School Credit F2F

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If you have having issues accessing (username/password challenges) LUMENS, please contact Kristine Mathiasen at 604.936.4261 or

If you have questions about how to enter attendance information for Foundations/HSC - please contact Debbie Torgunrud at 604.936.4261 or

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COVID-19 Updates and F2F to Online Transition General Information:
We will be transitioning F2F classes to Microsoft Teams.  IF you are currently using Moodle for course work, you can continue to use it.  Please incorporate links into a Teams classroom (instructions on how to setup a classroom will be provided when student accounts are provided access.

We will be posting relevant links here for Coquitlam Continuing Education teachers to access in the days ahead.
For an overview of Microsoft Teams and Office 365, please click here.
Click here to visit the CCE Microsoft Teams Training Page in LUMENS.
Click here for resources on Microsoft Teams.

Click here to view information provided to Foundations, LINC and HSC F2F students (not applicable for COL 10-12 or BCJS students).