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Summer Learning 2020
Two programs will be offered this summer:

Remedial Grade 9 & 10:  Students can earn a passing mark for a course they took during this past school year in which their final mark was 40-49%.  Details below.  (By referral only) 

High School Credit Courses Grade 10-12
Two options:

1.  Fast Track Gr 10-12:  Complete a full credit course from July 2 to August 7.  See details below

2.  Coquitlam Open Learning Gr 10-12 Flexible Paced Online:
Grade 10-12 full credit courses
Free to eligible school-aged BC Residents aged 13 to 19 years old. 
Registration available to students enrolled in SD43 schools only.  Students are not eligible for courses they are currently taking in their current schools, (they can take those starting in July, including Fast Track)
Online courses with flexible start dates which should be completed within 10 months of registration.  Students will participate in various online activities which may include Moodle online lessons, online discussions, and e-mail interactions with the teacher.  Students can begin these courses within a few days after registering.
Registration information:
View COL Flexible Paced Online courses at

International students enrolled in Coquitlam School District schools are not permitted to register for COL courses.   International students are permitted to register only in International Education High School Credit Courses. Info at

All Elementary, Middle, and Secondary Skill Building courses are cancelled this summer.

Please check this website for further information and updates.

2020 Classes Grades 1-12


Elementary Skill Building Cancelled for Summer 2020      
Middle Skill Building Cancelled for Summer 2020      
Secondary Skill Building Cancelled for Summer 2020      
Secondary Remedial Remedial Online Blended:
Grades 9 & 10:  English 9, English 10, Math 9, Math 10, Science 9, Science 10, Social Studies 9, Social Studies 10
July 7 to 24:

• a daily one-hour synchronous class session, conducted online.  Classes are mornings or afternoons (see specific courses for scheduling). 
• approximately two hours per day of online work. Teachers will be available for online tutorial support
Total coursework will be approximately 42 hours, or three hours per day
Remedial courses are for Grade 9 and 10 students who were unsuccessful (40-49%) during the school year and are being given the opportunity to receive retroactive credit (a passing grade) for the course by attending Summer Learning. 
Students referred to Remedial will have some brief notes provided by their home school that will help shape your classes and work with each student. The focus will be on building skills related to course content but also will include some organizational study skills. 
(Note:  English 10 will focus on Composition and Literary Studies modules)
Program Dates: July 7 - 24   
Program Times:  See specific courses regarding mornings or afternoons
Registration information:
Click here for Course information
Registration is by referral only.  Summer Learning must receive referrals from the student’s SD43 home school by June 26th.   Click here for the Referral Form
Courses are available to referred students who have been in Grade 9 or 10 this past school year (2019-2020)
Advanced Credit (High Credit Credit) All High School Credit classes will be offered in our Fast Track program.  See updates above re COVID-19 and its impact on plans for this summer      
Fast Track (Online Blended)


Fast Track courses follow a blended learning model: 
• two weekly synchronous class sessions (Tues/Thurs or Wed/Fri, mornings or afternoons (see specific courses for scheduling).  These class sessions will most likely be conducted online.
• three days of online work per week. Teachers will be available these days for online tutorial support. 
Note: This program is best suited for students wishing to complete the selected course within a 6-week timeline.
Courses will only run if there is adequate enrolment. Courses are subject to cancellation due to low enrolment .  A final mark earned in a Fast Track course will, if higher than a mark already earned in the same course, replace the original mark

Program Dates: July 2 - August 7  (Note:  there will be no tutorials July 27 and Aug. 3)
Program Times:  Tues/Thurs or Wed/Fri, mornings or afternoons
Registration information:
Course information,
Registration begins at 6:00 AM on Tuesday May 19, 2020. 
Registration in May available to students enrolled in SD43 public schools only.  Non-SD43 students and adult students (age 19+) may register on or after June 1.  International students are not permitted to register. 
Click here for registration info
See our FAQ page for more info!

Jul 3 - Aug 7 (No classes or tutorials July 27 & Aug 3)


8:30 - 11:30am or 12:00 - 3:00pm

Gleneagle Secondary

Jul 2 - Aug 6 (No classes or tutorials July 13, 20, 27 & Aug 3)

Tues / Thurs 8:30 - 11:30am or 12:00 - 3:00pm Gleneagle Secondary
All Fast Track students will have one additional class, on Mon. July 6.      


Please see top of this page for our latest announcement about Summer Learning 2020

Want to register in Summer Learning 2020? 

If you were a student (or parent of a student) last year in Summer Learning 2019, an email was sent to you on Tuesday May 5th from with program and registration information.  Click here for a sample of this email.

Will you be a new student this summer?  You may go ahead and create your profile (account) now. Instructions on our Registration page.

Are you an International Student?  Registration in Summer Learning high school credit courses is closed to International Students.  You can however register for high school credit courses at

Summer EAL Referral Form

Summer Learning is a proud fundraising sponsor of Tri-Cities Kidsport BC .  Kidsport provides financial assistance for registration fees and equipment to kids aged 18 and under.